Since the establishment of an office in Aalborg in 2015, the demand for R&D’s competences has increased significantly. As a result, R&D strengthens its position in the region through an expansion of facilities.

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Due to local demand from customers within the renewable energy sector, particularly representatives from the wind power industry, R&D established an office in Aalborg in 2015.

Since then, the engineering company has achieved great success in the region, which has now led to an expansion of facilities in order to comply with the increasing demand for R&D’s expertise. Based on this, the engineering company seeks to reinforce its market position as well as its fields of expertise in the region.

Extra resources and qualifications

“During the last couple of years, we have experienced great success with our customers in the region and our expansion is a response to the increasing demand for our services. Due to the new facilities, we can provide extra resources and qualifications to the department. Accordingly, we are able to offer a broader perspective on our customers' projects,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says, CEO of R&D.

With the expansion of the department, R&D intents to create an even closer relationship with both current and prospective customers in the area. “We believe that a local foundation makes a difference to our customers. For this reason, we are very pleased with the successful development of our department in Aalborg because it implies that we have chosen the right strategy,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says. “At the same time, we hope to expand our current projects and initiate new ones - in collaboration with current as well as prospective customers in the region.”

R&D provides flexibility at Siemens

At present, R&D is managing multiple projects for different local clients. Among these is the Aalborg division of Siemens Wind Power, who finds several advantages in complementing their internal resources with external consultants, due to the flexibility it provides.

“We use external consultants when a project requires a quick solution or when we are in need of extra resources for a limited time,” Mads Kelter-Wesenberg says, Head of Process Engineering at Siemens Wind Power. He continues: “We have worked in close cooperation with R&D for several years, in which they have supplied either volume or specialised knowledge. Therefore, we are pleased with their strengthened position in the region.”

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