R&D expands its international presence with a new office in Berlin. The opening of the new office is a part of the strategic plan to gain a stronger foothold in the European market.

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R&D opens its first office in Germany due to a wish of attaining a more central position in relation to German customers and the European market. With the new office in Berlin, the engineering company aims to expand its project portfolio, strengthen business and enhance the visibility related to their competences.

For a longer period of time, R&D has examined possible locations to identify the best strategic position for a new department in Europe. “We wish to increase our presence within the fields of wind, aviation and automobiles. With the new office in Berlin, we will have the opportunity of establishing a local foundation in relation to our customers within the respective industries,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says, CEO of R&D.

“The intention is to establish a number of project teams capable of solving specific assignments for our customers. With the local resources, we are able to commence a closer collaboration with the customer and customise our work even more, so we can continue to create valuable results”.

International potential

With the office in Berlin, R&D has branches in 3 European countries and will continue to consider other potential opportunities for expansion. “In this process, it is important to ensure that we maintain our high level of competence, seeing that this is the very foundation of our business,” Axel Manøe Jepsen says.

Gregor Krause, who has previously held a position of Project Management Team Leader Test Systems and Industry, will have the overall responsibility for the new department in Berlin. He has several years of experience and a high level of expertise within the industries of aviation and wind.

In addition to this, his previous employments provide him with a strong familiarity with the German market, and his expertise and competences will be of great benefit to R&D’s success in the European market. “R&D possesses a great international potential. I look forward to realising this potential and expanding R&D’s presence, where my main focus will be Germany and the surrounding countries,” Gregor Krause says, Head of Germany at R&D.

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