Welding, project design and manufacture of steel structures

R&D Steel is one of the leading companies in Denmark within welding, project design and manufacture of steel structures. Our expertise and experience ensure that we always execute our projects with the highest quality.

Our point of departure is always the customer’s particular project. We focus on determining the specific requirements and goals, as this ensures a finished solution which matches the expectations of the customer. All projects focus on a quick execution and a cost-competitive price. Our strong setup of subcontractors enables us to select the right experts at the right price.

We have insight from different industries which constitutes a solid base for knowledge transfer from one assignment to other assignments within other industries. This contributes to new perspectives on our customers’ projects and thus increases the value of the solutions.

Our competences


Tower Adapters


Test Rigs




Platform Constructions


Process Equipment

Wide range of competences increases the efficiency

R&D Steel has access to a wide range of different engineering disciplines. The positive synergy between craftsmanship and engineering increases our competitive performance and offers new possibilities for our projects.

At the same time, the synergy ensures that all perspectives are considered early in the process. This means that changes are modified and adjusted already in the design phase, which provides cost and time reductions for the customer.

R&D Steel is audited in compliance with DS/EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834-2 - EXC4.

Knowledge from multiple industries

We are very experienced both as manufacturers of one-off components and as Single Source Suppliers within the following industries:




Green energy


Steel constructions



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Jesper Ditlevsen
CEO, R&D Steel - Sales Inquiries
Jonas Ditlevsen
COO, R&D Steel - Other Inquiries
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